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About VivaVel

Live Long, Go Healthy

Vivavel is a fast-growing health technology platform that enables patients to evaluate and connect with hospitals & doctors, compare prices, and assist patients in availing of the best health services at pocket-friendly prices in the hospitals of their choice. 

Almost 50% of the world’s population lacks essential health services [WHO] due to their availability and cost. Vivavel aims to positively impact healthcare outcomes by connecting patients and providers to make healthcare accessible at affordable prices. 

Our golden triad of service excellence is Reliability, Responsiveness, and Empathy.


We have the ability to perform the promised services dependably & accurately.


We are Willing and are self-accountable to provide prompt services.


Our team is trained to provide individualized care & attention to patients.

Our excellent patient service is built on these interconnected pillars of reliability, responsiveness, and empathy that stand out in the dynamic healthcare landscape, fostering trust & satisfaction with the patient and building enduring relationships between hospitals and their clientele.

Vivavel is an equal opportunity employer (EEO) that values all employees equally, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or physical ability.


To positively impact and improve health outcomes by making healthcare more accessible and affordable.


Use technology to connect patients with providers and to make healthcare delivery and the patient’s recovery process effortless and affordable. 


Assist patients in choosing the best and most affordable healthcare options and assist them in recuperating comfortably.

Our Leadership Team

Oruge Hasan
Co-Founder& Director of Communications & Ethics

Oruge comes with a rich background in health education and communications. Before starting VivaVel, Oruge was associated with non-profit organizations to further health education and communication for the benefit of society.

Faizan Ahmad
Co-Founder & CEO

Faizan is passionate about technologythat provides value-based health outcomes. Faizan brings over 20 years of experiencein building and driving business for high-growth bio-medical and health ITcompanies in India, SEA & MENA regions.

Co-Founder & Director Business Development

Ruhan brings over 15 years ofexperience in Sales & Marketing in the health & wellness industry.

All Our Services & Consultancy are
100% FREE to patients.

By using our services, your hospital bill does not increase. In fact, on your behalf, we negotiate with hospitals to give you the Lowest Prices

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